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One of the biggest issue I have come across are weird keyboards. I encountered one for Guide yesterday, sold by Dolphin, which has no windows key or an alt/control key, and esc is big and just above the cursors, no function keys and no keypad but a weird key that works a bit like a laptop key.
Insert is on the right second column in.
Nightmare and no home key markings either.
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Did you switch to the laptop layout? Some commands are different. In the laptop layout, read to end is NVDA key and the letter a.

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From: Ibrahim Ajayi
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA Commands Not working

Hi good people: I am unable to get NVDA commands to work. All the
NVDA commands don't wwork, except the arrows, the enter key, and the
tab key. When I press insertplus down arrow, or caps plus down arrow,
to read an entire document, it doesn't work. Just the line I am on is
read, and I still have to keep pressing the down arrow. The
keystrokes for mouse clicks these are either insert plus left arrow or
caps plus left or right arrow also does not work. Inshort all these
commands don't work. So what am I not doing correctly, to get these
keystrokes to work.
Please do kindly help me understand.
I am Ibrahim from Nigeria.

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