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As I said before, if it worries folk, then if nvda was ever ported to other platforms, the d could also stand for Device. So if you have a smart toaster, and it does not speak, it sounds just the thing for an NVDA addition!

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Hi all,

Some of you asked why can't NV Access change the name of NVDA to something
else. Here are the reasons why (some of them technical):

* NVDA is a desktop program (not a WinRT or universal app), thus the
name "NonVisual Desktop Access" makes sense.

* NVDA was originally designed to access desktop programs. With the
advent of Windows Runtime (WinRT) and Universal Windows Platform (UWP), NvDA
developers (including I) are working on enhanced support for new style of

* Add-on extensions: With the assumption that NVDA will stand for
"NonVisual Desktop Access", the extension of add-ons has been defined as
"nvda-addon". Changing the name of the screen reader will cause confusion
for add-on authors, especially those overseeing community add-ons website
and are charged with reviewing new add-ons (I'm an add-on author and serve
as a reviewer, and I'm the current quarterly add-on release
coordinator/manager, tasked with consulting other add-on authors as to what
should go into seasonal maintenance versions of various add-ons).

Thus, when we do change a screen reader's name, not only it impacts users,
but also its brand image, technical side of things and so on.

Hope this helps.



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