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It's not a scam site I can assure you.

At 04:18 PM 11/30/2016, you wrote:

Hi Gene,

On this site, as I suspected, you must move into forms mode to access some of the clickable items. This is true of the Tune In radio site and is on this site as well. Even though there is no reference to a link or even on this site, the word clickable, if you go into forms mode (insert + space bar) and use the tab key, some of those links become operable. I didn't want to chance going very far on this site--because as you have mentioned, I get all sorts of warning from Firefox that the site may not be secure.

My personal opinion is that this is a scam site and people should avoid it.

On 11/29/2016 11:37 PM, Gene wrote:
I'm not sure what links you are referring to. I saw some items with question marks before them which looked as though they should be links but they aren't shown as links. Also clicking on such links as the American residents click here link produced no results. Neither did activating the link using object navigation commands. Neither did routing the mouse to the link and left clicking. You said they are graphical links. I see nothing that reads like image code nor anyting indicating that any links aren't graphical. there is no inherent reason that graphical links can't be clicked on. Unlabeled graphic links may read as code with may not be decipherable but they can usually be followed. I don't know what the problem is but my speculation is that the links may not be clickable from the keyboard. Some links by design can't be clicked on from the keyboard. But whether that means that using the NVDA click mouse command also should fail is something I don't know.

Also, this may not be anything to worry about but I'd think twice about giving information to this site. I was able to load it with firefox but Google presents the following message:
The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite. This is likely to be caused when the server needs RC4, which is no longer considered secure.

Chrome wouldn't load the page.

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Hi there.
if I go to:
There are some graphical links I need to click on to get to the order
form, however, NVDA doesn't see them.
Can this problem be fixed? is it a firefox issue or a prlbme with NVDA?

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