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Did I not see some comments on the dev list about such problems in browsers generally, maybe its just one of those visual only things like onmouseup etc. Brian
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Thanks Jacob!

I tried the example provided by you. But no luck in Mozilla. It doesn't
spell out the field label.

Snahendu Bhattacharya

On 30 November 2016 at 15:04, Jacob Kruger <> wrote:

Unfortunately, seems like NVDA doesn't take note of assigned aria and
other attributes - check out this example page:

Try jumping/navigating to file upload buttons, and, they'll just be
announced as buttons, and, think this page is trying to make use of various
labelling options - I also tried a few aria-specific attributes here on my
side, and, no-go.

Form of workaround might be to fire an event when those elements take
focus, and, use jQuery to do something like set the text contents of a
division that's role is marked as alert, to thus try notify NVDA, and other
screen readers about the role of that form field?

Stay well

Jacob Kruger

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On 2016-11-30 21:44, Snahendu Bhattacharya wrote:

Hi All!

I am facing some issue while trying to access the <input type="file">element
using a Screen reader like NVDA with Firefox.

The Screen reader doesn't announce the label of the field. In stead it
only speaks the BROWSE button.

This is the form control never read by Screen Reader hence the user
doesn't understand what is the field is all about.

Can somebody help me to understand the accessibility experience of this


Snahendu Bhattacharya

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