Re: Acapela for NVDA v1.4 released: TTS voice update, new scottish voice and more


no because acapela dont care about customers in e.g sweden

swedish users are forced to buy the infovox4
wich cost ca 10000 sek sek= swedish krona
Den 2016-11-30 kl. 16:40, skrev David:

Had a look at this, as it sounded quite tempting. But one big question:

I did see absolutely no voices for any of the Scandinavian languages - Norwegian, Danish or Swedish. Acapela in general has voices for all the three languages, but I did not see them listed in the package offered for NVDA. Is there any way for a person to get hold of a Scandinavian package, or even a package for the Northern-European languages which in addition would mean Finish and Icelandic?

How about German and French voices, for those users who are living in such areas?

In short, does Acapela offer other packages for NVDA, and where would I find them?

Thanks for your feedback,


On 11/30/2016 4:15 PM, Paolo Leva wrote:

Thanks Don for your question,

pricing is here:

download is here:

After first usage you have 15 days free license before you need to buy a license.

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