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Hi Brian,

Interestingly, when I first opened this document, and it opened in protected mode, it DID read out that teacher / grade field that had focus.  When I enabled editing, closed the file and reopened it, for some reason it didn't want to read properly at all.  Next try, and it behaved just as you noted.  Reading the current line (NVDA+up arrow / NVDA+l for laptop) did identify the field as well as tab then shift+tab.

When I was writing the Microsoft Word with NVDA module, I gave up on forms because they behave so inconsistently - between versions of Word and as I encountered this morning, even with exactly the same document on the same machine (I'm using Office 2016 btw).

I wonder if Microsoft aren't trying to kill off Word forms, given that they are next to impossible for the average user to even find - you have to go into Word options, edit the ribbon and enable the developer ribbon.  Only then do you have access to the form fields to add to the document.  I found I could navigate around your form with its legacy controls ok.  When I tried using the ActiveX controls I forget now, but I could move between some controls but not others easily or reliably (I'd need to go back to my notes to double check).



On Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 3:49 AM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

Hello All,

          The following discussion is in regard to how NVDA is working with this Microsoft Word Template:  BusNote.dotx.  When you open it in Word you get a form on which you can simply fill in various text fields and checkboxes.  I have developed it with status bar text which is announced when you land in a given checkbox or text field and the same announcement can be repeated using F1.  For those who have experience developing MS-Word form templates, I am using the legacy controls, not the active X controls, for the various text fields and checkboxes.

           When NVDA is running, and I open this template in MS-Word, I can see that focus is indeed on the first field, which is the "Teacher and or Grade" text box.  However, NVDA does not announce this as its initial landing position.  If I tab forward to the next field, Student Name, that gets announced and SHIFT+TAB back to the "Teacher and or Grade" field gets that one announced, too.

            Is this an NVDA bug, possibly, or is there something I'd need to do to the form such that the field on which NVDA has focus when it's opened for filling in is correctly announced?


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