Re: audio ducking not working with speech player and espeek

Bobby <bvinton@...>

Well I am using 2016.3. I got it to work after all. Before I was using the latest snap shot of nvda and I went back to stable and the audio ducking started to work again. Please make ure you get a ticket for this problem before 2016.4 comes out.

On 12/1/2016 11:44 PM, Andre Fisher wrote:
It works just fine here. Which version of speechplayer are you
currently using? Which version of NVDA?

On 12/1/16, Bobby <bvinton@...> wrote:
Hay i am using the latest nvda and I went back to an older version and
saw tht audio ducking won't work with speech player at all. pleese help
so I got audio ducking to work with sapi 5 and e speek. Can you pleese
let me know what sympths audio ducking will work with. Talk to you all

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