Re: OT - Stascom Utility Suite update available

Kevin Cussick

thanks for this, I will download and test thanks for your hard work.

On 02/12/2016 11:27, Jacques wrote:
Hi All

Now that my beta testers have given me the green light on all counts,
I'm happy to say that the latest Stascom Utility Suite is now available
for download.

A quick summary of what's new in this release:

*Installer will automatically be run as Administrator, no need to do
this manually as before;
*Hot key to generate an alphabetic list of 60 basic and advanced Windows
settings and applications;
*Automatic maximising of application windows, hot key available to
specify window title exceptions;
*automatic check for program updates, can be disabled in configuration
*Improved password generator. I have totally re-written the algorithm,
see user guide for details;
*Status messages and time announcements spoken via the user's choice of
a SAPI5 voice, custom interface to select preferred voice and its
*Added time announcements for "on the half hour. All 24 hours
configurable as before;
*improved sound module;
*Expanded configuration options;
*support for multiple user profiles on one system;
*various UI improvements;
*user guide in HTML format to cater for easier navigation and referencing.

For a complete list of features and a download link to the installer,
visit my web site, see below. Note that I've very recently started this
site, so it's still under construction. Should you have questions or
feedback, please do not reply to the mailing list. Instead follow the
contact link in the user guide, or use option 11 under the menu hot key.

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