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sometimes I have to tab to focus the page, firefox and thunderbird lately don't reset navigation to the right places.
I find myself using control home, tab etc.
Sometimes things just don't work and I have to refresh several times.
It could be a conjested connection, in the afternoon my wireless gets like that.
In the morning its ok.
If its like this all the time, I suggest you 1. turn off your router and any other devices and then restart the router, wait 5 minutes, and turn on extenders etc again.
Restart all systems.
Could be a virus I guess.
Anyway ring your isp and ask for a account reset and service refresh because of issues connecting to the net.
If this does does not work they will probably do a reformat on your exchange point this shouldn't take that long.
Next, have another phone with you and either call them back or have them call you, you want a linetest.
Usually there maybe a problem with a device, if it is a device, a filter is usually an issue or its a failing cordless.
Next, they may ask for an isolation test.
pull out all phone jacks from the wall.
if they find an issue and its their problem ie up to your house but not into it they will fix it free of charge usually.
If its inside it could cost you up to 120 bucks to get the call out.
If you often have issues like this, its usually 3 bucks a month, round 100 a year at least here in new zealand for wirepoint to point insurance.
This extends the coverage of the technitions from the street to your actual internal jackpoints and wiring your devices are still your problem but those repairs could include connecters like filters and adaptors for phones.
With fibre there are different issues but we won't go there.
If you have a noise on your line it may need repairing to.
Get wifiinfoview from nirsoft and find a channel that works with 1 network on or 2 and just switch your wireless router to that, you may need help with this.
Over that check you don't have any broken cables.
On the pc side as well as a full malware and virus scan, I'd run a disk check and full defrag and clear all the junk files and stuff you don't need starting.
But this is firmly a network issue as I have had many in my time.
Most of them have been broken componants.
As well as this your isp may switch your exchange channel over and with my bad line that did help a bit.

On 19/03/2016 7:08 p.m., laura cornwell wrote:
When i hit the letter h on my key bordand I use firefox it just hhhh and
I don't know why.

On 3/19/2016 1:02 AM, Kevin Chao wrote:

MOre details, please?
There are 2 ways of seeing headings:

* quick-nav: h for next heading or shift+h for previous heading
* NVDA+f7 for elements list > headings

Is one of these not working for you?
If so, what’s the error message?

On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 10:18 PM laura cornwell
<lauracornwell1@... <mailto:lauracornwell1@...>> wrote:

I am needing some help with NVDA and fire fox could some help I am
abled to get the heddings to work.

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