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Ron Canazzi

Hi Michael,

The dialogue for this program is a bit confusing.

1. Press insert + N for the NVDA menu.

2. Arrow up/down to preferences.

3. arrow up/down to Weather Plus settings.

4. Choose 'set and manage your cities.'

5. This is where it may be a bit tricky. You are placed in an edit combo box. By default, your preferred city is highlighted. Type in either your friend's zip code or the proper Yahoo code for his city or the city/state where he lives.

6. Then tab once to the test button to make sure it works. Press space bar to test. If it is OK, you should hear a beep. If the information you enter isn't valid, NVDA will tell you that the code is not valid.

7. Now this is a bit weird and I really wish that Adriano (the add on developer) would make different tabs for this, but this is how it works. You either have to tab through all the settings for sound, what is displayed and how it is displayed ETC. or you must shift + tab (back tab) twice to get to the OK button. When you do this and press space bar, you are told that this setting is not the default and will be added as a temporary city. If you wish to change this and make it a default city, then you must enter the Weather Plus settings again to set it as such by highlighting the city and tabbing to the set at default item and pressing space bar and then exiting the dialogue by tabbing/back tabbing to the OK button.

Clear as mud: hey!

On 12/2/2016 7:52 PM, Michael Capelle wrote:
hello, how do i add a city to my weather plus?
i wantto use wausau wi as my preset, but then add my friends city, i did enter it, but it is not saving.

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