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That may be but not discussing this initially leads to confusion and misunderstanding. 

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You're talking about a browser plugin for java, not java the stand-alone programming language.  Oracle is phasing out support for browsers with this plugin (which a lot of browsers already removed), but this in no way impacts java the programming language itself.  Installing java the programming language is no more a security risk than installing c++ or pascal, or any number of other programming languages.

If you want more details, you can see this link:

On 12/3/2016 8:17 AM, Gene wrote:
That is not correct.  JAVA, the program, has been considered a security risk for quite some time if you leave the JAVA program plugin active that JAVA, the program, places in your browser.  I won't repeat the comments I made in another message but in case people aren't following the thread carefully, I'm commenting here again that JAVA, the program is a security threat.
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Subject: [nvda] java vs java script (was regression with adobe flash

Let me clear something up here.  The problems folks were having with
security related browser issues were related to javascript, not java. 
Java is not javascript, they're simply two things with similar names. 
Java is a programming language that is cross platform, and has very good
security, including java applets that can run in the browser.

On the other hand, javascript is simply a scripting language that runs
inside a browser (very similar to php, only php runs on the server, not
in the browser), that allows the web page to do all kinds of things.  In
the case of javascript, with some security exploits, folks were able to
get access to things they weren't supposed to have access to on your
machine.  That's why for a while, many sites were recommending turning
off java in your browser.  What they meant was to turn off javascript,
but some sites didn't make the distinction, and as a result, java got a
bad rap for something it had nothing at all to do with.

Don't confuse java (the programming language) with javascript (the
scripting language).

Turning off javascript in your browser is going to break a *lot* (and I
mean a lot) of sites, so it's not really recommended, especially since
most of the browsers have been updated to patch the security holes found
in javascript.

Just wanted to clarify this point, since it seems lots of folks are
still java shy, when it had nothing to do with the security exploits
that were reaking so much havoc a couple years ago.

On 12/3/2016 3:18 AM, nasrin khaksar wrote:
> hi.
> i recommend you not to use java and flash for there security problems.
> i never dont install and use them and i did not see any problem for this.

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