Re: Some issues with NVDA's reading


No, no changes, but still, every little bit helps. I tried downgrading again but I still have this issue.

On 12/4/2016 6:00 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Have there been any changes done to which bit of punctuation is in which punctuation mode? Having said that the  accentuation for an exclamation mark is not always that great anyway.


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I am using the elequence engine but when I switch to Sapi 5 it still
does this. It started when I upgraded to 2016.4 RC but I downgraded and
I am still having this problem.

On 12/3/2016 1:44 PM, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
K, yeah, but what TTS engine are you using, or does that not matter.
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    I am having an issue similar to yours, but NVDA will not see
    anything with an exclimation mark in it. If I type one, NVDA says
    nothing, in terms of punctuation. It sounds like it was typed
    without anything at the end.     or does not even change inflection.

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