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Andre Fisher

I am not a beginner, but introducing NVDA to a new user is something I
have done on many occasions. Things they ask include:
1. How do I start NVDA? (either desktop shortcut way, starting .exe
way, Run dialog way or Start menu way is discussed)
2. How do I quit NVDA?
3. How do I change the voice? Because the default one is too robotic
for my taste!
4. Web browsing: how do I turn off verbose elements like clickable,
table headers, landmarks, editor revisions, emphasis, etc.
5. Web browsing: single letter navigation (basics etc.)
6. Speech on or off, sleep on or off (what's the difference?)
7. Configuration profiles (benefits, warnings)
8. Keyboard layouts (differences, etc.)
9. Installing NVDA by one's to (also update)
10. User guide popular applications and tricks (like Skype, MS

On 3/3/16, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:

Suggestions regarding topics that should be discussed during beginner
sessions (there might be two sessions for beginners).



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I am not sure, what kind of suggestions are addressing?

Joseph Lee 於 3/3/2016 14:33 寫道:

Hello all,

First, thank you all for joining the next generation NVDA International
users list.

The leadership team would like to receive feedback from beginning NVDA users
regarding the following:

2016 is a special year for NVDA users: NVDA turns ten. To celebrate this,
some members of the community are organizing a huge online conference around
NVDA’s tenth birthday: NVDA Users and Developers Conference (NVDACon for
short), to be held in April 2016.

NVDACon is an annual gathering of NVDA users and developers to talk about
current state of NVDA development. Topics have included math support,
braille enhancements, supporting Windows 10, web browsing, Google
applications and more. This year, to coordinate NVDACon 2016, several
members of this list, together with outside supporters and NV Access formed
a planning committee to discuss planning and logistics of this online

One of the suggestions considered by organizers is a session or two devoted
to beginners. The goals of these sessions are to introduce you to NVDA and
its features, understanding concepts such as NVDA menu, object navigation,
web browsing and others, an introduction to add-ons and more. Because
organizers would like to receive feedback from many fellow community
members, we’d like to ask you to send in your suggestions to the committee
by either contacting committee members (Nimer, I, Derek Riemer and others),
or sending an email to <>
with the subject line of “NVDACon 2016” and the admins will forward it to
the committee for consideration during our next meeting (sometime in March).
Also, even if you are not a beginner (or consider yourself a power user),
more suggestions, the better, so we’ll accept suggestions from you as well.
The deadline for receiving your email will be March 14, 2016 (shortly before
Accessible World Tek Talk event on NVDA and NVDACon) so we can discuss your
comments and finalize the schedule by early April.

Thank you, and the NVDACon Planning Committee are looking forward to
considering your comments.



Joseph S. Lee

Moderator, NVDA International users forum (

Chair, NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Committee

P.S. For all NVDACon related communication, including a general invite to be
sent to this list in April, please use #NVDACon hashtag. Thanks.

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