Re: NVDA find function


i have this problem too!
when i want to find something with nvda find, a sound plays and nvda
says the item is not exist in the page.
when i want to use firefox find, sometimes i can find my desire
successfully and sometimes not.
whats the problem realy?
i am sure that my desired items are exist in the page, but sometimes
without any success to find them.

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Yes I've noticed this. I did wonder if it may be some hidden stuff on some
pages. Sometimes it works well though.

I don't use Chrome but its better on firefox than Ie.
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Running Win 10 and use IE, Firefox and Google Chrome as my browsers. I
find the NVDA find function very inconsistent with regards to finding
things on web pages. I invoke the find command with NVDA key control f
and type in my search term. On some occasions it finds and moves to the
search term and other times after pressing enter after entering the term I

want to search for it does nothing as if I did not press enter at all.
Works the poorest with IE but doesn't do a lot better on Firefox and

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