Re: still a newbee

David Goldfield

Hi, Don.

While I don't have experience with that particular Web site, I've
occasionally encountered this behavior where the NVDA find command might
not always work on Web pages. Try pressing the alt key twice, the first
time taking you to the menu bar and the second press returning your
focus, so to speak, back to the Web page. Also, try pressing the tab key
a few times, making sure that your virtual cursor is moving to some
links. Then, see if insert-ctrl-F works as expected.

David Goldfield,
Assistive Technology Specialist

Feel free to visit my Web site

On 12/4/2016 9:16 AM, Don H wrote:
Running NVDA RC1 on a Win 10 system. Using Firefox and going to a web
site like Best Buy.
I first use the search Edit box on the web page to search for Vizio
TV. On the results page I can then use the NVDA find function to get
to the results. I find the TV I want to look at and press enter. I
am now on the web page for that particular model. I am not on a edit
box so if I understand it correctly I am in review mode. I now try to
use the NVDA find function and can only get the windows fine function
to come up which of course isn't what I want. I try the NVDA find
function several times with same bad results.
I am obviously doing something wrong but being a newbee with NVDA I am
lost as to the solution. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

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