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gene, which version of nvda do you use and whats the best version of
it do you think?

On 12/4/16, Gene <> wrote:
I don't think this has anything to do with code on the page. I hadn't given
this much thought since I can so easily get around the problem but off and
on, using Firefox and XP and an old version of NVDA, the find command moves
me to the top of the page or about the top of the page and doesn't move me
where I want to go. I simply use the repeat search command in such a case.
I haven't played with this enough to be sure if the repeat search command
ever doesn't work properly. I thought this might be a general problem but
since I hadn't seen anything about this on the list in all this time, I
thought it might be just my problem. It may be worth looking into, or at
least, if others have a problem, it would be worth reporting here so we can
get an idea if it is a general problem or a very limited one In terms of
affected users.

Also, I continue to use an old version of NVDA for convenience. I don't use
the newer features and so I just use newer versions at times for testing
reported problems or for learning something about changes and new features.
So I didn't know if my experience reflected the old version and not newer
ones. It appears this may be a problem others are having as well.

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Yes I've noticed this. I did wonder if it may be some hidden stuff on some
pages. Sometimes it works well though.

I don't use Chrome but its better on firefox than Ie.
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA find function

Running Win 10 and use IE, Firefox and Google Chrome as my browsers. I
find the NVDA find function very inconsistent with regards to finding
things on web pages. I invoke the find command with NVDA key control f
and type in my search term. On some occasions it finds and moves to the
search term and other times after pressing enter after entering the term I

want to search for it does nothing as if I did not press enter at all.
Works the poorest with IE but doesn't do a lot better on Firefox and

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