Potential NVDA issue with Google Chrome

Chris Mullins

About the same time as I updated NVDA from 2015.4 to 2016.1, Google Chrome was updated from version 48 to 49.  I am now experiencing problems accessing the the Google Settings page and I’m struggling to determine if it’s a NVDA or Chrome problem.  Note in my NVDA Browse Mode settings, ‘Automatic Focus Mode for focus changes’ and ‘Automatic Focus Mode for Caret movement’ are both checked.   This is the problem:


Press the alt key, then press spacebar to open the Chrome menu, then press the s key to open the Google settings.

The page opens, NVDA makes the camera sound indicating Focus Mode and focus is in a settings search edit box.

Tab or arrow out of the edit box, NVDA does not make the Clang sound indicating Browse mode. 

Press NVDA key+space to manually enter Browse mode

None of the browsing quick keys like h or d work even though I know these items exist on the page.


I’m leaning toward it being a Chrome issue rather than NVDA because standard web pages work fine.  When I used NVDA 2015.4 with Chrome 48 the Settings page was very accessible but things have drastically altered.  Is there anyone with version 48 of Chrome who can verify that Focus/Browse modes operate as designed and the Browser quick keys operate properly in the Google Settings page?






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