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There are 2 modes in NVDA. they can be either 2 different sounds or you
can hear the words spoken such as browse mode where you can use the
single letter navigation keys or focus mode where you can say type into
fields like a form.

Depending how you have your settings done it might go into the 2
different modes automatically or you might have to change it manually


To force nvda between the modes you can use the nvda key + the space bar.
You can if in a edit area on the web use the escape key to go back into
browse mode.

if you look under the browse mode in nvda settings you can uncheck the
box to hear the words spoken. You will need to look for the check box
that says Audio indication of focus and browse modes.
Uncheck that if you want the words spoken.

some times nvda might get caught between modes and the words are not
spoken, so then use the nvda key + the space bar.

How to find words in webpages quickly
To locate certain words quickly in a web page with NVDA, the find
command is great for this. It helps you find certain words on the web
page very quickly.

To quickly find a certain word on a web page, press the Ctrl and Insert
and the letter F keys to bring up the find dialogue; and then type your
word and press Enter. It will find the first instance of that word.
This is called the find dialogue box.

To find the next instance of that same word, press the Insert and F3 key
to find it.

To find a previous instance of that word, press the Insert and Shift key
and the F3 key to find it.

Where i refer to the insert key this is a modifier key and can be either
the insert key, the extended insert key or the caps lock key that is
used with that key combonation.

By the way if you are interested i have written up tutorials on using
nvda with a desk top computer. there is also audio tutorials as well
along with other blindness related material.

it can be found at

it should get you up and running with nvda and is done step by step.

Gene nz

On 5/12/2016 3:16 AM, Don H wrote:
Running NVDA RC1 on a Win 10 system. Using Firefox and going to a web
site like Best Buy.
I first use the search Edit box on the web page to search for Vizio
TV. On the results page I can then use the NVDA find function to get
to the results. I find the TV I want to look at and press enter. I
am now on the web page for that particular model. I am not on a edit
box so if I understand it correctly I am in review mode. I now try to
use the NVDA find function and can only get the windows fine function
to come up which of course isn't what I want. I try the NVDA find
function several times with same bad results.
I am obviously doing something wrong but being a newbee with NVDA I am
lost as to the solution. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

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