Is any release prior to the latest stable release, and the next RC release, officially supported? #NVDARelease


The subject pretty much asks it all.

In topic after topic I see people saying that they're using old, often really old, versions of NVDA.  That is entirely their choice, and I'm not questioning that.

What I'd like to know is how many versions, if any, other than the latest stable release and the RC releases, are "officially" supported by NVAccess.

Knowing how much change occurs as releases roll out over time I know it's impossible to keep supporting prior releases in perpetuity or anything close to it.  I also know that it generally makes no sense to try to replicate a bug in a release different than the one it's been detected in except as an effort to determine if it is a "carry forward" that was previously undetected versus newly introduced.

It's almost impossible to know "what's what" unless individuals using NVDA are all using the latest stable version so far as issue reporting goes.  That's why, particularly for open-source software, I make it a habit to religiously upgrade to the latest release whether I need the latest "bells and whistles" or not.  Unless there is some really buggy release (and I'm talking generally, not NVDA in particular) it just makes everyone's lives much easier.

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