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Hi Brians and everyone,

The page with existing issues is at: - If you navigate to the search edit, you can type a couple of words and see if there is a similar issue already.  There is a list which has a checkbox for each issue, then the issue itself and who created it as well as how many comments it has.  Activating the issue name takes you to a page with the full details of the issue.

There is a new issue button you can access to create a new issue: which assuming you are logged in, only has two main parts - a title for the issue (try and convey the issue in a handful of words), and the comment body where you can fully explain the issue you are having.  Please try to give program versions (eg NVDA version, Windows version and version of a specific program you are having problems with, if relevant) and ideally, steps someone can take to reproduce the issue.  If you have a log file or other details, include those and any other information - eg what you have tested (the problem happens in Word but not Excel or WordPad).

At worst, if you have trouble with GitHub, do post here and someone will likely either offer advice or help record the issue.  We do prefer if people can record their own issues as then you will be notified of progress automatically, or be able to be contacted if one of the developers needs more information.  I often record issues people come across, but unless I can reproduce them myself (I have several systems I can text on, but not every combination of windows versions etc), I might not be able to answer questions about reproducing or testing the reported problem.

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I'm sure Jamie at some time wrote an idiots guide to this, but I'm blowed if I can find it now. I have an account and to me the interface is not as intuitive as the trak one used to be, but of course its one of those forms designed for many things for many people and contains bits that are not applicable to what we need to do.
Its very sad that nobody could create a front end that was simple and could auto input into the main database without all the clutter.


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Since the latest release candidate is out, this bears repeating.

NVAccess handles its bug reports using GitHub. If you don't have a GitHub ( ) account (which is free) you'll have to establish one before filing a bug [issue, in GitHub parlance] report. The actual page you will use to file a new issue is: ( ) ( )

I am not the best person to answer questions about the specifics of the bug reporting process, but I'm sure if they get asked here they'll be answered.

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