Re: more about the peculiar problem with NVDA not recognising some links


Nope, it doesn't work, you need to click on the graphic beside each episode to activate the link. Jaws sees the graphics, but NVDA doesn't.
I wish there was a feature in NVDA that scans more widely for graphics like there is for jaws for those websites that do things in a nonstandard way.

At 12:09 PM 12/5/2016, you wrote:
What key do you press to activate them in JAWS? NVDA? Remember, JAWS'
Enter key acts like a mouse click. NVDA+Numpad Enter (desktop) and
NVDA+Enter (laptop) can click the episode.

On 12/4/16, Stephen <> wrote:
Hi there.
Looking at the source code of the web page of the betrayal series:
each episode must be clicked on with the mouse, it's impossible to do
it with NVDA.
I am able to do it with Jaws though, it recognises that there is a
graphic and I am able to click on each one and bring up each episode.
But for some reason, firefox, or NVDA doesn't see the graphics, so I
can't go back and forth between by navigating with the G key.

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