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Also, did anyone see my message within this same thread about my Alva? I'm basically in the same boat as David is with his! display. I have both an Alva Sattelite 584 Pro but because of getting it used, I don't have a power cord. I gotta run it bus powered via USB. I've tried all the things like Libbraille, BRLTTY, etc, but with NVDA, I can't get it working, regardless 32 bit or 64 bit Windows. I've tried on XP all the way up to Windows 10, and it just won't cut it. The only way I've gotten it working is in JAWS 15 on my 32 bit XP machine, which flat out sucks! I really would like to use this on a newer system like Windows 10, as it's such a great display! The only other option would be using this thing on my mac, which I've done successfully many of times, by the way.

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No I do not have any driver for the display at all. Have used it with Window-Eyes, and that screen reader has built-in support for the display, right out of the box. The display runs off either a Parallel port, or alternatively you can set it to run off the Serial Com-port (RS232). No USB ports on these models, guess they are too old for that. Smiles.

I hope someone out there, might be sitting on some sort of driver, that at least I could give it all a try. Will have to test out your suggestions, but won't be able to do so for a couple of weeks, since my display currently is packed down from moving.

On 12/5/2016 12:38 AM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi David,

I haven't tried a PowerBraille.  I know the Focus and Pac Mate series work with the Freedom Scientific driver, so it might be worth, if you have the PowerBraille driver available, trying that?  I had a look on the Freedom Scientific site but can't find the drivers readily available to download.  I did find an issue on our GitHub which was filed using a PowerBraille 40 (although mentioning it was made by TeleSensory - perhaps a difference device or an earlier company?)  That issue looks like they were using Brltty, so could be worth trying that too?

Sorry I can't offer anything more concrete!

Kind regards


On Sun, Dec 4, 2016 at 7:01 AM, David <trailerdavid@...> wrote:
OK, I know this is kind of old-fashioned. Thing is, I do have a
PowerBraille 80 display here, which I have successfully been using with
another screen reader.

I think I did look in the list of Braille displays in NVDA awhile ago,
and did NOT find the PowerBraille 80 listed there. Is my memory correct?
If so, can I use any other driver, or does there exist a driver for this
display under NVDA? The display works just fine, so would be great to
use it even with the free screen reader.

Thanks for any feedback.

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