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No that is right. The problem is that many have had the licence over time, so strictly some that were free are now no longer supposed to be available. I suppose the main one people will still find on line is Via Voice from the old IBM Home page reader. However this is as far as I'm aware sappi 4 and only around in a limited number of us English voices in any case.

Its not strictly legal unless you had the original product, so its hard to advise any further. We certainly do not suggest using it as the later versions which also include some very nice new voices is value for money I think. I myself am happy with Espeak and some of the \Microsoft voices and some others that I have on a disc from Dolphin which are paid for and work well.

None of those is classic Eloquence though. To me it sounds like a bloke with a clothes peg on his nose, but I do understand some people find this very easy to understand. Horses for courses and all that, but you won't get anyone here to point you at a hacked version of it.

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No legal version of Eloquence is free. Gene
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which version of eloquence is free here?
i went to the different links and found different versions of eloquence.

On 12/5/16, Bobby <bvinton@...> wrote:
Well you can get the sapi voices at a guy named Jake
gross has many voices including mike and Mary voices it under the tts
link on the page.

On 12/5/2016 4:19 aM, David wrote:
Am I mistaken here, or does NVDA support SAPI voices? Smiles.

Microsoft used to have a SAPI package which came in both SAPI4 and SAPI5
versions. It contained MS Mike, and MS Mary. Personally, I prefered the
quality of the speech, produced by the Sapi4 version. They were free, and
installed under at least XP, I do hold they should work under newer
flavors of Windows as well, though I cannot tell for sure.

I could dig out the installer from my archives, but you might also want to
do a net search for something like:
Mircrosoft voice Mike installer
Microsoft voice Mike download
and see if you can find the package somewhere.

What I do recall, is that you downloaded an installer file, ran it,
restarted your system, and the voices would be ready for use, under the
SAPI tab of your screen reader voice selection. I seem to remember using
Mary, with an early version of NVDA. Unless something deep inside the NVDA
core has changed, I would say it should still work.

Though being SAPI, the voices were OK responsive, and the quality was a
good deal more natural sounding, than many of the ESpeak voices. I even
used the Mike and Mary, to read several EBooks.

Just thought it might be one alternative to try out. At least it is free,
so if you don't find it useful, you could always uninstall the package,
and you would have lost nothing.

On 12/5/2016 8:25 AM, Gene New Zealand wrote:
Hi Ibrahim

There 2 parts to the speech platform synth and voices.

One is the speech synth engine and the other is the voices.

This is from off the website of mine of what to do to get them.

How to install Microsoft Speech Platform and voices (free) for NVDA
There are Microsoft voices that you can use with NVDA. These are called
Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime Languages. Firstly, you will need the
Microsoft Speech Platform to be able to run them.

If you have not downloaded the Microsoft Speech Platform, it is
available from the following link
You will need the x86 version of the file.

If you have downloaded the Microsoft Speech Platform, you can get
version 11 voices for it (called Runtime Languages) from the following

The heading on the page should be: Microsoft Speech Platform - Runtime
Languages (Version 11). If for example I wanted an English voice called
Helen, I would click on one called MSSpeech_TTS_en-US_Helen.msi Please
be aware that TTS stands for text to speech, and SR stands for speech
recognition. You are looking for the TTS ones. Once downloaded, double
click on the file and it will automatically set up to the correct
location. Go back into NVDA settings Insert + N... Preferences...
Synthesizer... (In the dropdown list of synthesizers select) Microsoft
Speech Platform... Tab to OK and press Enter. Go back into your settings
Insert + N... Preferences... Voice settings... (under the Voice combo
box) arrow down to select the voice you wish to use. Tab to OK and press
Enter. You can of course alter the rate, pitch and volume to suit your
own needs. You will need to make sure that if you have version 10.2
that you use 10.2 voices, and if you get version 11 then you will need
to get the version 11 voices. For version 10.2 please refer to the NVDA
user manual for more information under supported synthesizers.

I am just looking at the page or pages now to get the synth engine and

if you are unsure which ones to get i will download the engine and all
the voices to my pc then zip them up and drop box them for you. or
others who might be interested in installing them.

I will do this shortly.

by the way there is another free synth package called speechhub that you
might want to use. the voices are only in english.

You can get the speech hub package from the following link at

Gene nz

On 5/12/2016 5:28 PM, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:
Hi good people:
If you can recollect, I did send a message to this group about my NVDA
not working properly. I did get many responses, and I thank all of
you who found time to respond. I am sorry I mistakenly deleted the
digest mail sent to me, and I can not reply to the mail. But I
believe some of you might remember the mail.
Actually, I got a very good response from David. He made some
suggestions which I've tried. I discovered when I switched off NVDa
as he suggested, and I used the demo version of JAWS for Windows, that
the system worked very nicely, and fast.
I strongly believe that the problem must be from the synthesiser I am
using. Actually, I use Micro sofft speech AI4 which I use through
viavoice outloud. I appear to like the synthesiser, because it is
very clear and it sounds like eloquence. But it appears obsolete and
not very helpful.
I can't use the JAWS demo version, because it works in 40 minute mode,
and one cannot usee that when doing serious work on the computer.
I downloaded Microsoft speech version 11 but it couldn't be installed
on my system. I did it several times but it didn't work. i cannot
use ESpeak, because I don't understand the speech. I tried koba
speech as well, but the speech for that is also not very easy to
So, can anyone suggest another synthesiser. I use windows 7 32bit.
I am Ibrahim from Nigeria.

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