Re: Is any release prior to the latest stable release, and the next RC release, officially supported? #NVDARelease


Well, this thread has taken an interesting turn that I hadn't ever anticipated (and, to quote Seinfeld, "not that there's anything wrong with that.")

So I'll use this to get back on my soapbox about when anyone encounters an issue with any software or combination of software:

  • if you cannot give steps necessary to replicate the problem there's virtually no hope that the problem can or will be solved
  • if you can give steps necessary to replicate the problem, but others running the same operating system and similar overall configuration that you are don't have it when they perform those steps, this suggests an idiosyncratic problem with your own system

I cannot count the number of times when I've spent hours on a given problem only to find out that it was a weird interaction between two programs that are installed, that a system has not been updated and old DLL files are being called that have errors that have long ago been fixed, etc.

I'm not saying that anyone is directly "at fault" for anything, but these are factors that you must consider and there will be occasions when "it's just you" as well as many more when it's "not just you."  Having a detective's mindset is essential in instances such as this.

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