Re: My NVDA Not Working Properly

Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

Yeah, I know that. I was specifically asking where the ivan3 voice was, because I only see 1 ivan voice, uneer the espeak ng synthesizer. You didn't answer my question.

On 12/5/2016 2:40 PM, Gene New Zealand wrote:

Under the voice settings section when you go into it under the barient
section it is a combo box open it up then arrow down the list to hear
the different varients there. the voices will change depending on the
synth package used.

I find my own voice Gene easy to listen 2.

Gene nz

On 6/12/2016 8:05 AM, Travis Siegel wrote:
I didn't know there was more than one ivan. I use ivan as well, but I
only saw one of them in the list of voices. This is using the espeak
ng. I like the ivan voice, where are the others so I may take a look
at them as well?

On 12/5/2016 2:29 AM, Dejan Ristic wrote:
Although you said that you did not understand ESpeak, what do you
think about using some of the variants it offers us? For instance, I
use Iven 3, which I find very clear. I have set the rate at 24. I do
not encounter any problems, probably because I use ESpeak, which I
find very quick and responsive. Try to get used to it. Your messages
say that your English is very good, so I think that you may get used
to it before long. Choose between the variants, and try different
rates to make it suitable for yourself. Let me also say that I used
ESpeak while doing some freelace translations from English to
Serbian, and vice versa. I was successful.

On 12/5/2016 5:28 AM, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:
Hi good people:
If you can recollect, I did send a message to this group about my NVDA
not working properly. I did get many responses, and I thank all of
you who found time to respond. I am sorry I mistakenly deleted the
digest mail sent to me, and I can not reply to the mail. But I
believe some of you might remember the mail.
Actually, I got a very good response from David. He made some
suggestions which I've tried. I discovered when I switched off NVDa
as he suggested, and I used the demo version of JAWS for Windows, that
the system worked very nicely, and fast.
I strongly believe that the problem must be from the synthesiser I am
using. Actually, I use Micro sofft speech AI4 which I use through
viavoice outloud. I appear to like the synthesiser, because it is
very clear and it sounds like eloquence. But it appears obsolete and
not very helpful.
I can't use the JAWS demo version, because it works in 40 minute mode,
and one cannot usee that when doing serious work on the computer.
I downloaded Microsoft speech version 11 but it couldn't be installed
on my system. I did it several times but it didn't work. i cannot
use ESpeak, because I don't understand the speech. I tried koba
speech as well, but the speech for that is also not very easy to
So, can anyone suggest another synthesiser. I use windows 7 32bit.
I am Ibrahim from Nigeria.


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