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Albert Ruel

Thanks Quentin.  I did forget to tell you that I’m using MS Word 2013.  Thanks for those instructions.  That seems to do the trick. 


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Hi Albert,


You didn't mention which program or version you are using, but if you are using a relatively recent version of Word, it's alt+n for the Insert ribbon, then H for headers, then E for edit.  If there isn't an existing header, it will be blank, otherwise, it will take you to the header for the current page.  Press the down arrow to move to the footer, then the header for the next page and so on.  You can also press alt+n then F then e which does the same thing except takes you to the footer directly to edit it (I only remember as it is one of the few fairly logical key sequences - once you remember that this is all on the insert ribbon :)


On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 6:55 AM, Albert Ruel <albertruel@...> wrote:

Hi all.  Can someone tell me how I can read the info contained in document headers and footers using NVDA? 


Thx, Albert




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