personal messages - Keep them OFF the list

David <trailerdavid@...>

May I be allowed to raise a polite and friendly reminder?

I have only been subscribed to this list for something like a week, but
have seen more than one message, where people get rather personal, and
sometimes little nice to other members in particular. Undortunately,
this disturbs the validity of the topic being discussed.

Could it be an idea, for those who have anything unsolved with other
listers, that you please rectify that in private, via direct mailing to
the person you aim for? Meaning, could you please, for the benefit of
all, keep posting to the list, ONLY what REALLY is meant for the public
- the general group of listers. And, please, stick to the topic being

I just find it disappointing to read your dashing each other. And it
really does take the discussion nowhere.


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