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Jacob Kruger

Just wondering how mouse tracking is actually triggered/handled?

And, don't mean how to turn on the features, audio tracking sounds, etc. - there are keystrokes, and, the mouse cursor settings dialogue, under preferences, but, was trying out a method/means to handle mouse movement using face detection via a webcam, which I plan on installing for a sighted quadriplegic, but, while NVDA was in fact reporting to me when I moved over screen elements, there was no audio mouse tracking to indicate mouse scrolling/movement, which I do get when using the actual mouse touchpad on this laptop, but anyway.

In other words, while this is not too likely to be too important for most of us standard NVDA users, was actually just wondering about why NVDA didn't seem to be keeping track of the mouse cursor movement, unless it has something to do with the tracking event triggering specifically having to do with physical/hardware interaction, or something?

And, if of any interest, here's the sourceforge page for enable ViaCam, which offers facial detection mouse tracking for at least windows and ubuntu:

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