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This sort of personal dispute doesn't happen often and, unless it continues beyond a message or two, I generally don't do anything about such disputes unless they are rude to the point where something really needs to be said. 
This thread is probably going to illustrate one reason why.  discussing this question is probably going to generate much more traffic than the one or two message exchanges being discussed if just left to stop. 
And, to reduce list traffic on this topic, will people please reply to my message using the write to owner's address instead of on list.  The address is at the bottom of every message and is
This brings up a point that goes beyond this thread.  Blind people far too often don't look at anything more than is specifically known to be of interest to them.  Being curious and exploring material such as footers on e-mail messages from the various list you are on or looking around programs or web pages to learn more about their features and layout, may give you useful information.  Now back to the discussion at hand.
Another reason such discussions  take place on list is that blind people chronically don't know how to write to people off list.  They don't know how this is done in their specific e-mail programs.  Which makes it likely that such exchanges will transpire on list. 
 It isn't practical to instruct list members how to do this with their specific program every time something goes to the list that shouldn't.  But I'm thinking of putting together an e-mail with instructions from members who use different e-mail programs and send instructions on how to send messages privately using popular programs such as Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail Outlook and perhaps the Mail app in Windows 10. 
Those who know how to do this using whatever e-mail program they use may send such instructions and I'll collect them and put them in one document. 
Such instructions might be worth reposting to the list perhaps monthly for new members to see.
Some lists don't show the e-mail address of the sender but this list does show them if you know how to find them in messages. 

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I'd agree with this, and I'm sure the moderators would as well.
 This does generate high traffic and its the subject lines we use to sift
what we need to read and what we do not, so when any  topic drifts, it needs
to be altered in the subject line to  make this plain.

Also, and I'm not up innocent on this one, commenting multiple times on
different bits of a conversation can prove tedious to read.
 My one excuse here is that the feed I'm getting seems to come in batches,
so I'm just making up a reply and sending it and as if by magic, a load of
mail appears from before  the one I've replied to, either making what I said
pointless, or making it  that I need to do another message.
 Not ideal, but I guess it depends on the way the email system you use  gets
its messages and sends them to your account.

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Please address personal email to:-
briang1@..., putting 'Brian Gaff'
in the display name field.
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Subject: [nvda] personal messages - Keep them OFF the list

> Listers,
> May I be allowed to raise a polite and friendly reminder?
> I have only been subscribed to this list for something like a week, but
> have seen more than one message, where people get rather personal, and
> sometimes little nice to other members in particular. Undortunately,
> this disturbs the validity of the topic being discussed.
> Could it be an idea, for those who have anything unsolved with other
> listers, that you please rectify that in private, via direct mailing to
> the person you aim for? Meaning, could you please, for the benefit of
> all, keep posting to the list, ONLY what REALLY is meant for the public
> - the general group of listers. And, please, stick to the topic being
> discussed.
> I just find it disappointing to read your dashing each other. And it
> really does take the discussion nowhere.
> Please?

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