Re: about balabolka and nvda.

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I have just opened a PDF file in Balabolka and I have had no problems
with reading, navigation or copy/paste.

I have used it in the past to convert lengthy text files and other
formats such as PDF, EPub and HTML to synthesized speech using the
Microsoft default voice of choice. I have the new legal Eloquence SAPI
5 version which does a great job of interacting with the software. On
older slower computers: XP and early Windows 7, I did have a problem
with the program crashing when I tried converting lengthy text and other
format files to speech. On my newer Windows 8.1 8 core with 16 GB RAM,
I have no such issues.

Just what types of problems are you people having with the interface?

On 3/20/2016 5:46 AM, Kostadin Kolev wrote:

Working with text from within Balabolka is not screen reader friendly.
At least not when using NVDA.
But you can open a file (e.g. PDF) in Balabolka, select the whole text
content with Control+A and copy it to the clipboard with Control+C.
Note however, that NVDA will not report that you have selected any
text. Then you can paste the copied text in some accessible text
editor like Notepad, AkelPad, Notepad++, etc. and work with it from
Alternatively, after opening the file in Balabolka, you can save it to
plain text file (*.txt) from menu File -> Save as in Balabolka and
choose "Text File" from the "Save as type" combo box in the "Save as"
dialog. Then you can opened the saved plain text (*.txt) file in any
accessible plain text editor (Notepad, AkelPad, Notepad++, etc.) and
work with it from there.
Note however, that Balabolka's text extraction methods don't preserve
some formating information, including the page breaks and the pages
get merged in one large file with in some cases no distinction between
pages. In most cases however, there is at least one blank line between
pages, so you'll be able to distinct them from one another.
Even with all those suggestions for workarounds however, I strongly
suggest you to firstly try to open the PDF files in Acrobat Reader DC
and work with the text from within it, before trying any other PDF
viewer like Balabolka. Acrobat Reader DC is free and can be downloaded
from Adobe's website. You can copy text from PDF files from Acrobat
Reader DC, unless the PDF file in question is protected in a way that
prevents text copying to work at all. But in such a case, I doubt that
you be able to extract/copy text from such a PDF file even with
another PDF viewer like Balabolka for example.

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

На 20.3.2016 г. в 10:52, nasrin khaksar написа:
hi every one.
i realy appreciate you if someone help me to learn how to use
balabolka, select words lines pages and copy and peist my selection.
i need working with pdf documents and now the only solution for me is
because sumatra is not accessible until now.
thanks so much and god bless you.

On 3/19/16, Brian's Mail list account <bglists@...> wrote:
I've had little luck with this software either, so don't think its just

I suspect there is probably a distinct version which we have to use,
but I
do not know which it is and where to get it!

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hi every one.
i use balabolka and tried many versions of it.
but unfortunately i cant use it by nvda easily.
for example: when i want to select one character, one word, one line
and press shift left and right, shift control left and right, shift up
and shift down nvda does not announce anything and i cant understand
what do i am doing.
who can teach me to solve this problem?
thanks for your help and god bless you.

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