Re: Is any release prior to the latest stable release, and thenext RC release, officially supported? #NVDARelease


Freedom Scientific stopped supporting XP since version 16 of Jaws, so I think it wouldn't be strange if some day in the future NV Access stops supporting XP. As has been mentioned in this thread, XP is now unsupported by Microsoft, and for day-to-day use I'd say Windows 7 or later is the optimum choice. If you really want or have to use XP, you can either install it in a virtual machine or use Windows XP mode, which I don't know if it's still available to download.

I've been a long time XP users, but finally decided, around 6 years ago, that I have to move on and upgrade to Windows 7 for better stability, and today I found myself relying on many features in Windows 7 that weren't available in XP.

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