Re: Is any release prior to the latest stable release, and thenext RC release, officially supported? #NVDARelease


antony, do you know the last version of nvda which supports xp?
whats the last version that i can use?
i realy wish that its be possible supporting of xp forever.

On 12/6/16, Supanut Leepaisomboon <supanut2000@...> wrote:
Well, you get to enjoy the benefits of both OSes. Think of it this way, if
you install Windows XP mode in Windows 7, and when you go into Windows XP
and install anything, it shows up in the Windows 7 start menu so it's
relatively easy to launch; although the catch is that I think XP mode is not
available for the home editions of Windows 7, except for Windows 7 Ultimate.
From my tests in the past, NVDA does work under XP mode.

In response to a message earlier, yes, free/open source software stopped
supporting old versions of Windows later than paid ones, but eventually old
versions of Windows will not be supported. Take Firefox, Mozilla stopped
supporting Windows 2000 I think a year or 2-3 years after Windows 2000
became unsupported by Microsoft.
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