Re: Windows XP support was: RE: [nvda] Is any release prior to the latest stable release, and thenext RC release, officially supported? #NVDARelease


i wish that all my favorite programs support all operating systems and
i have freedom of my choice to select them.

On 12/6/16, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
I really do not understand how anyone can expect active support, as opposed
to passive (as in, the last version compatible with XP being available for
download as legacy and no longer actively maintained), for Windows XP.  The
operating system has not been supported by Microsoft for years now.  It's
just by sheer luck (and some effort, but not intentional in many cases) that
a lot of software has remained able to be run under XP but was developed for
a later version of Windows.

Operating systems have finite lifespans.  The finite lifespan of XP as an
actively supported system ended a long, long time ago.

I own a Windows XP laptop, Windows 7 laptop, three Windows 10 machines (2
laptops and 1 desktop), and a Linux box.  I am under no delusion that any
support of any meaningful kind can be expected for Windows XP.   Also, I
have carried forward a lot of non-screen-reader software that I liked from
the XP era that still runs like a top under Windows 10.  One example of that
is Microsoft Photo Editor, which deals with creating transparency more
easily than any other photo editor I've ever used.  There are a number of
others as well.  I would really like to hear what people have under XP that
they've tried running under a later version of Windows that doesn't work
either with native Windows or using compatibility mode, which I've not had
to do for anything, yet.

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