Re: Is any release prior to the latest stable release, and thenext RC release, officially supported? #NVDARelease

Jacob Kruger

If I open 900+ tracks in playback on my win10 64 bit machine, it works fine, and, unfortunately, don't have many tracks on the virtual windows xp machine.

I opened up one full album - 11 tracks, and, could jump around in a track with cursor keys, could jump between tracks using page up and down, and, when hit alt+f4, it just closed, without any hassles.

Have you tried gomPlayer? I operates pretty much exactly the same as this one, but, like said, with additional functionality, including speeding up track playback speeds, while maintaining voice adjustment, etc. etc. - I've been using it for a few years now as my primary, with winamp as backup, but anyway.

Stay well

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On 2016-12-06 14:10, nasrin khaksar wrote:
hi jacob.
thanks so much for helping me.

can you please test many files with potplayer?
eventually for me nvda is not responding and i dont know how to solve
this problem.

On 12/6/16, nasrin khaksar <> wrote:
hi david and quentin.
i use xp and also i do all of my works with it.
i use internet, libreoffice, notepad, potplayer and one conversion
i dont have the security programs because realy i dont trust them!

On 12/6/16, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:
You're more of an expert on what works under XP than me Brian, that's

On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 8:18 PM, Brian's Mail list account <> wrote:

Well, as far as I am aware, the basic plan is to not break XP if it is
all possible, but just occasionally this might not be possible as the
windows code changes.
Indeed at the moment xp portable versions of even the next snapshots are
very good. Try running portable copies of nvda on, say windows 10 and
will find lots of things that no longer work due to the security of
operating system not allowing access to parts of windows from a portable
the big problem at present for those using XP is the web browser.
Depending on your processor, 50 is the last version I can get to work on
with intel processors, and 48 is the last one on xp with amd processors.
This is due to the lack of sse2 instruction set support on the amd
Dropbox, no matter what Dropbox say, is working fine again on xp intel
processors at version 15, though they do warn that this could change as
its officially not supported. AMD chips last working version of Dropbox
13, and one has to disable updates by nefarious means to keep it working
such hardware.

The hack to continue to get xp updates is still working for MSSE, but
month no xp security updates came down. whether this means they have
blocked the loophole or just they have given up I cannot say.
I notice that Flash for IE8 is seemingly not being updated by Adobe, but
seems to be working in Firefox 50 at the moment.
Adobe reader DC is not usable on XP and 11 is the last version.

I'm sure there are many other issues but that really depends on what you
are doing.
Its gratifying to note that the hacked copy of Outlook express that
in 10 is still supported by nvda, and its only issue is that its preview
pane has to be turned off or it will fall over sometimes.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Is any release prior to the latest stable release,
thenext RC release, officially supported? #NVDARelease

Is XP REALLY not being supported any longer?

Could be. But I did read an article - think it is about a year ago -
where it was stated that Microsoft continue to support XP for
businesses, of course not free of charge. Cannot speak for the validity
of the article, and do not know if I even bookmarked it either.

A whole other thing to keep in mind, is this:

Do you have an XP machine, and only connect it to the net to update
security software, you might still be able to use it offline for a long
time yet. And if you only update the database of your security
that software will keep rolling under XP for who knows how long.

From what I can see, several users still use XP. Even for those of us
who happen to have made the step forward, to some newer flavor of
Windows, many of us still keep XP machines hanging around. Personally,
do join the ones who have an XP machine, simply because I have software
that is needed for certain tasks, which would not impose a security
risk, but which cannot be run under newer Windows. That is, my XP
machine is not going online, but I still need a screen reader for it.
And, as the commercial screen readers tend to stop supporting an OS,
whenever Microsoft does, I am happy to learn that NVDA apparently
continues to run under XP. Hopefully, that will leave many of us the
chance to continue using our older equipment, for tasks that totally
well could be run on an offline, XP system.

Seemingly too, there will be many places in the world, where they still
commonly use XP. Not everyone could afford the upgrade of the OS, and
basically there might not be too much more holes in XP, than in any
newer flavors of Windows. According to what I read, both Win8 and 10,
seem to have open holes. Some even are well known, but for whatever
reason are not being cared for. And many times, the biggest holes are
not in your OS itself, but more in the communication between you and
Internet. Such net related holes, might be independent on which OS you
are running.

Just some thoughts to keep in mind, when advicing.


On 12/6/2016 6:49 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Xp is dead, it will probably stay in core for a while but to be honest
microsoft has deemed it unsupported so its crap os now and any
computer with it will have malware and be crappy to because microsoft
says so and I really don't aggree with microsoft but its the way it
Xp like win98 and other good versions of windows is history, soon 7
will be then we will have to struggle with 10.

On 6/12/2016 3:10 p.m., Michael Capelle wrote:

please, do not get rid of xp support.
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Is any release prior to the latest stable
and thenext RC release, officially supported? #NVDARelease

That's true Gene. I had a thought in mind about Windows XP as well,
although when I looked back at Nasrin's original question re
Potplayer, it
was using Windows 7 - although there are multiple versions of Windows
7 as
well (for the record, I have Windows 7 home premium, SP1 64 bit).

On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 11:18 AM, Gene <> wrote:

And, of course, you aren't testing with XP. That may be the cause of
these problems.

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*Subject:* Re: [nvda] Is any release prior to the latest stable
and thenext RC release, officially supported? #NVDARelease

Hi everyone,

I downloaded the version that Nasrin linked to, which was the same
Gene tried - version 1.6.6385619.7.

It doesn't have a traditional alt menu and you also can't tab around
main screen to read the information which is displayed visually.
you can get to the commands via the applications key, and there are
keystrokes for most things, once you know what they are.

I tried it on both Windows 10 and Windows 7, and found that I could
MP3 files with it, pause and play again, and alt+f4 to close when I
finished listening to a couple of songs, and everything seems fine?
using NVDA 2016.4rc1 Actually I just realised I still had 2016.3 on
Windows 7 machine so I've gone back and tried with 2016.4rc1 and
again, I
couldn't reproduce the crash, even after listening to a few songs.

Kind regards


On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 9:11 AM, David Moore

Hi, That is true,
Narrator, in win10 anniversary update, has enabled me to access
that I could not access with JAWS or NVDA. I highly recommend that
learn how to use Narrator, because it is getting more and more
powful in
win10, and can do a few things that high-end screen readers cannot
Think that you have three screen readerrs, Narrator, NVDA, and JAWS
Window eyes that you can use in demo mode.

David Moore

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Windows 10

*From: *David <>
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*Subject: *Re: [nvda] Is any release prior to the latest stable
and thenext RC release, officially supported? #NVDARelease

Just for your correction.

You said you do NOT have any other screen reader to test? I do

understand what you mean, but it is not fully and completely true.

ALL, and I mean ALL flavors of Windows - from at least XP and up -

Microsoft's embedded screen reader, named NARRATOR. Though far from

being a full-fledged screen reader, it many times can help you out.

instance, due to its very basic functionality, it at least could

you some idea to what extend a piece of software is accessible at

If NARRATOR cannot help you out, then chances are that the software

the minimum requires some more advanced features of the screen

I do, and have don so in other settings, on a general basis

all: If your high-end screen reader cannot do what you want, give

Narrator a go. Then com back and report your findings.

Might sound a bit awkward at first glance. But sometimes the

screen readers might have settings, that complicates the usage of a

software. Running Narrator, finding that things work, you might be

to start tracing why the high-end screen reader does not do what

Furthermore, most - if not all - of the high-end screen readers, do

downloadable demo-versions. Might be an idea, to download and
install at

least one such demo, and use it for cases when you want to
determine if

NVDA is the bottleneck of your issue. Far as I know, they all

you fully working products, with an up-time of anything from 30 to

minutes; Enough time to get an idea of whether your third-party

is workable or not.

In the older days, installing more than one screen reader,

caused system trouble. To the best of my knowledge, such is NOT the

any longer, and have not been for a decade or so. In other words,

encouraged are everyone, to go get yourself at least one backup

reader, if nothing else go for a demo. It further might help the

team of NVDA getting to the core of your problem, if you can

what is taken place when running an alternative screen reader.

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anything but Burger-King?


On 12/5/2016 5:22 PM, nasrin khaksar wrote:

thanks so much for helping me to test the program.
i dont have any screen reader except nvda to test.
me too, use windows xp service pack 3
you dont need to use nvda cursors to intract with potplayer
you should only press the application keys and you can access to
menus and options by normal arrow keys.
only nvda freezes and says nothing in the windows except unknown.
i should restart nvda to work as normal.
On 12/5/16, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
Well, this thread has taken an interesting turn that I hadn't
anticipated (and, to quote Seinfeld, "not that there's anything

So I'll use this to get back on my soapbox about when anyone
encounters an

issue with any software or combination of software:
* if you cannot give steps necessary to replicate the problem

virtually no hope that the problem can or will be solved
* if you can give steps necessary to replicate the problem, but

running the same operating system and similar overall
that you

are don't have it when they perform those steps, this suggests
idiosyncratic problem with your own system
I cannot count the number of times when I've spent hours on a

only to find out that it was a weird interaction between two

are installed, that a system has not been updated and old DLL
files >> are

being called that have errors that have long ago been fixed,
I'm not saying that anyone is directly "at fault" for anything,

are factors that you must consider and there will be occasions

just you" as well as many more when it's "not just you." Having
detective's mindset is essential in instances such as this.
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you’re alive, it isn’t.*
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