Re: NVDA and Open Office


well a lot more of the dialogs are read better and, well, in some cases, are actually read whereas in Libreoffice, the autocorrect options tables and check boxes are not read. OpenOffice does not have any accessibility problems but Libreoffice is a better program by far. If you won't be changing a ton of settings then you can stay with LO.

On 12/6/2016 8:54 AM, Jorge Gonçalves wrote:

I just got curious from your answer. I am a LibreOffice user.

What does make Open Office more accessible than LibreOffice? What are the main accessibility differences? I am only interested in the Word Processor.


Às 14:41 de 06/12/2016, Robert Kingett escreveu:
It works well even if you do not have Java installed. It is more accessible than Libreoffice but Libreoffice is a better program in every other way.

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