Folders or Separate Accounts

Jeffrey Bohrman <jeffrey.bohrman@...>

Good Morning Everyone:

I need to do something with the two lists that I am on, Win10 and NVDA,
of which bo5th have v3ery heavy traffic coming into my personal account.
This has caused me to miss so important messages that were not related to
both lists.

My main question before I decide which cours3e to take is shall I create
new folders with rules or create separate Gmail accounts? Why am I
asking this question..I use my iPhone a lot? If I do the former, the
creation of folders with rules, what would happen in my Mail APP on my
iPhone? Would I see all of the emails under my personal account or the
emails for either WIN10 or NVDA not show up? So if all emails still come
up under one account, then I would opt for creating two new separate
Gmail accounts then.

Super many thanks for your advice in advance!


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