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Simply press control to stop the announcement.  Control stops speech.  Or take some other action such as down arrowing or whatever you want to do on the site.  You don't have to wait for speech to stop.  Screen-readers are designed to stop old speech and speak what you currently are doing. 
Similarly, when up or down arrowing in a document, as an example, if a line is being read, when you up or down arrow or move in other ways or type a letter, old speech will stop and the new line you have moved to will be read.  Or is you move the cursor to the next letter or word, it will be spoken.

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From: Yair pc
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2016 12:45 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Only speak pressed keyboard characters and nothing else

Thanks Gene, I'm indeed looking for it to announce the letters without announcing windows, but I do need the letters to still type normally.
It's not easy to get used to the window announcements because it sometimes mean a very long annoucement (i.e. the title of the Chrome browser, is the title of the website, and such title can be a minute long). For someone who can still partially see, this is too much so that screen reader is rejected, although some other announcements can still be very helpful.
Maybe there is a solution for the too long window title announcements instead? (Can anounce just a short prefix of it, or an extension can tell the browser to crop the title...)
Regarding my original question, I understand that removing window announcement is not right for everyone, but as the eyesight degrades, I think this is a good first step to getting used to announcements in a small dose (just typed letters for now).
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From: Gene <gsasner@...>
Subject: Re: [nvda] Only speak pressed keyboard characters and nothing else
It isn't clear what you want.  Do you want the computer to continue to work with commands or type when you are in a word processor, but just announce letters and nothing such as what window you are in if you move from window to window?  There is nothing like that and it would be very difficult for people with a number of windows opened to function if the window you move to isn't announced.
NVDA does have a feature that will announce what keys are if you press them but the keys won't do anything.  This is to allow people to famaliarize themselves with commands and look for commands without the computer taking any actions.  It also announces letters and numbers and some other things.
The command is NVDA key 1 that is 1 on the main keyboard. 
You can turn this command on and hold the insert key and press various functionkeys as well, such as f1, f2, etc. to see what they do.
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From: Yair pc
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2016 10:51 AM
Subject: [nvda] Only speak pressed keyboard characters and nothing else
I'm looking for a way to make every key press in the keyboard speek (report/announce/echo) the letter name.
This seems like a good start to accomodate to screen readers noise, I will add other announcements later on.
Is there a way to disable all other announcements in NVDA (i.e. not hear the titles of the focued window etc.)
I tried to de-select everything but the character speeking but there is till a lot of speeking when changing focus.
I tried Windows Narrator too but had the same issue.
This is a very simply feature, even useful for people learning to touch type, there must be some utility that offers just that for Windows (even if not using NVDA)...

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