Re: NVDA doesn't announce what shifted letter and number keys do

Quentin Christensen

It does a bit of both - it tells you which shift and control and so on and which letters and numbers, so logically it wouldn't be out of place to have it tell you the symbol when you press shift with those letters and numbers.

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I thought input help was designed to give instructions on NVDA commands rather than keyboard layout.  For keyboard layout type investigations, open a text file and switch on speak typed characters, NVDA+2.





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I didn't realize this until now but I was playing with input help today and I found that NVDA doesn't announce what shifted number keys do nor what shifted items such as punctuation keys do.  If you hold shift and press a number key, you will hear something like shift plus and then the number is announced.  That doesn't give useful information.  What if I wanted to find the dollar sign.  I couldn't do so using input help.  And I couldn't know from input help that shift slash is the question mark.  I'd hear something like shift plus slash.  Why is this the case and can it be changed without unreasonable effort?



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