Re: NVDA and Open Office

Walmir Schultz <wsautodidata@...>


In my experience, both OpenOffice and LibreOffice are, to say the least, problematic with NVDA.

The most annoying behavior es when NVDA suddenly stops. If you press ALT+TAB, other open applications continue to be read by NVDA, only office is muted. I tried many things, like pressing F2 to enter and exit edit mode (in spreadsheets), but the only way to solve the problem is reinitialize NVDA.

In many spreadsheets, to make NVDA announce the cells contents after you open the file is only accomplished by first pressing F2 two times to enter and exit edit mode.

In Writer, the NVDA+SPACE don't work at all.

In more slow computers, the problems are worsened. In a very complex spreadsheet, Calc even stops responding for many minutes.
Other annoyance in Calc is the way NVDA reads the results: even if you configure the cells to 2 or 3 decimal places, the whole number is announced.
I noted also that NVDA has problems to read only the contents of each cell: it keeps reading the contents of the formula toolbar and one has to continually press arrows to move focus and force NVDA to read the contents.
As I can't afford MS Office, I am still struggling with Calc.
Unfortunately, in each new release of NVDA there are many improvements related to MS Office but none related to OpenOffice or LibreOffice.
So, if you can, use MS Office, or, if you have a lot of patience, use LibreOfice.

Em 06/12/2016 12:41, Robert Kingett escreveu:

It works well even if you do not have Java installed. It is more accessible than Libreoffice but Libreoffice is a better program in every other way.

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