Re: whats the best and most accessible player for me?


The only thing you need is to read the installer to uncheck these tools.

El 09/12/2016 a las 13:27, nasrin khaksar escribió:
winamp installs extra toolbars and adware.
i want to clean program without any adware and spyware also.
with all capability which i need.
does winamp have audio capture?

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Subject: [nvda] whats the best and most accessible player for me?

hello every one.
here you are my cryteria for best player and i am waiting for your guide.
i need a very simple and accessible player which nvda supports great.
i need playing files and folders.
i need repeate, shuffle, audio capture, great quality of voice and
also changing speed without loss of quality.
i wished that use vlc media player, but it was not accessible.
for example: in the settings, nvda announces fonts attributes of the
and also says pain pain pain pain many time before saying options and

i could not find its shortcuts and i could not use most of my
cryterian which i need!

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