Re: how to use mozilla thunderbird with nvda?


But you can't disable all automatic downloads. if Thunderbird or any desktop client doesn't download the headers the program can't show the list of messages with dates, from, to, etc. all of these are headers of the message. And note that in the Web you download the web when the drowser display it.



El 09/12/2016 a las 13:33, nasrin khaksar escribió:
when i want to open an email, firefox opens it, instead of thunderbird!
but i want to know to which solution helps me to completely deactivate
all automatic action in thunderbird including automatic download,
automatic openning etc.
i realy hate automatic action in any program!
i want to do all my desire work manually like the web interface of gmail!

On 12/9/16, Brian Vogel <@britechguy> wrote:
On Fri, Dec 9, 2016 at 07:11 am, Gene wrote:

This is never supposed to happen.
And in all my years working with Firefox and Thunderbird I've never seen it
happen. As you say, if it is indeed happening then something's most likely
wrong at the operating system level.

Thunderbird is different, though, than a lot of e-mail clients in that it
uses a tabbed structure, rather than separate windows that open, when you
elect to open a message separately (that is, not looking at it via the
preview pane). When I use enter to open a message in it's own tab while
running NVDA it doesn't announce anything about the tab having opened (or
else I missed that part, but I don't think so) and I have to hit CTRL+W to
close the message and land back in my inbox message list.

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