Re: whats the best and most accessible player for me?


Well, the thing is, the add-on was created to make VLC more friendly. So, you can choose... You can use VLC without the add-on like me and with the problems in preferences menus, etc, or you can simplify your life using the add-on.



El 09/12/2016 a las 15:06, nasrin khaksar escribió:
i dont like windows media player.
i want to have great player with all my cryteria.
i wish that use vlc without any addon.
is it possible?
or is there any setting to make vlc accessible without addon?
i wish that dont hear pain, pain, pain, with using its options.

On 12/9/16, Brian's Mail list account <bglists@...> wrote:
Yes no one player seems to do it all these days. I tend to use. Awkward
files that don't work anywhere even if klite is installed VLC player
General use. Winamp
Certain sites Media Player Classic
and sometimes the old Windows Media Player not the new heap of junk they
put out with windows 10.

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For me, media player clasic homecinema for video and foobar2000 for audio.

Also winamp continues working including windows 10.

El 09/12/2016 a las 10:42, nasrin khaksar escribió:
hello every one.
here you are my cryteria for best player and i am waiting for your
i need a very simple and accessible player which nvda supports great.
i need playing files and folders.
i need repeate, shuffle, audio capture, great quality of voice and
also changing speed without loss of quality.
i wished that use vlc media player, but it was not accessible.
for example: in the settings, nvda announces fonts attributes of the
and also says pain pain pain pain many time before saying options and

i could not find its shortcuts and i could not use most of my
cryterian which i need!

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