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Bhavya shah

Dear all,
As holidays are going on, I was thinking about something to learn that
is productive.
Audio editing and Goldwave had been in the back of my mind since long,
and now that some folks from my country has requested me to create an
NVDA tutorial on add-ons in Hindi, I finally want to ask you all for
Goldwave help.
I have Goldwave version 5.5.5 here, with the latest stable version of
the Goldwave NVDA add-on on an NVDA 2016.1 copy here.
I have absolutely no clue what to do next, and some documentation
reading here and there seems to be not of much help.
Thus, I would like to ask if there are any audio tutorials or
practical demonstrations on working with Goldwave using NVDA, basic
stuff like cutting, mixing, a little bit of audio effects, so that I
have a grasp of how audio editing with a screen reader works, and I
can possibly learn the advanced bits from elsewhere myself. It would
be sincerely appreciated if if you could point me towards resources
related resources that can help me learn NVDA with Goldwave, or if
someone is willing to just go through a little bit via Skype (my Id is
bhavya.09) or something, that would be wonderful too.
I would appreciate any assistance.

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
Using NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) free and open source screen
reader for Microsoft Windows
To download a copy of the free screen reader NVDA, please visit
Using Google Talkback on Motorolla G second generation Lollipop 5.0.2
Reach me through the following means:
Mobile: +91 7506221750
E-mail id: bhavya.shah125@...
Skype id : bhavya.09

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