Re: Moving from Windows 7 to 10, what can I expectg from NVDA?


Oh? getting like apple. That's horrible how secure it's getting!

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I know right I can't even open files on my external drives anymore.
All this security is fine, I really think ms should impliment a root system
like linux does.
The only time you have ever to go root is if you do something system
spaciffic like updating it or something.
You never need root for any user program unless it needs system access.
Your programs all install to your user directory, yes you can do that but
the defaults are just system folders now.
Having everything open is a security risk.
But uak and the permitions thing is getting really old really fast add in
the ms account and you have a nice nightmare waiting to happen.

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Yes most of the problems I have with ten are due to the way ten
operates and restricts things and makes nvda's portable version of
less use, its all down to the I wont allow that type of hand holding
we have been experiencing from Microsoft over a while now. If it was
open like XP some of the better ways of doing things would be
universally welcomed but suffice to say that no you do not have
permission even if you are the admin and no you cannot copy this to
here unless you raise your admin rights and so on are just getting
really irritating now. 7 is bad enough in this respect but 10, well.
what can I say, when is protection just a pain?
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Hi, John,

I'm using windows 10 right now with NVDA and it works great. NVDA
continues to get better and better with each new version.

Hope this helps.


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I'm thinking of replacing my Wincows 7 machine. It is almost 10 years
old and has become unreliable. What can I expect from NVDA in Windows 10?


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