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David <trailerdavid@...>

Used Spybot, and Malwarebytes, late as this very week. Both I ran with
NVDA. Though they have certain things that could have been more simple
in accessing, I had no trouble in running both pieces of software.
Running NVDA 2016-3.

Comes to installing the software. The issue you mention, has a very easy
fix. Use Ninite. Go to

check the boxes for the software you want to include in your package,
and press the button at the end of the page, which says "Download

Run this installer, whenever you want to install, or update, your
software. It will do all the necessary button clicking, unchecking all
the checkboxes for trashware, answering all the questions and so forth.
All you do, is to run the .exe file of the installer, and lean back and
enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, whilst the Ninite will do absolutely
amazingly easy a job. It does work with NVDA, and you can follow each
software as it is being installed or updated. When the installer is
done, you might need to restart your system, and you will be up running.
Go ahead, use your software as outlined by the developer.

You are looking for an accessible way to install your software, with no
hazzle and pains? Ninite is your way to beat the bush. Have used their
services for a handful years, and only can tell you what I and many
other users have found.

You've never checked them out? OK, fine. Now you are made aware of their


On 12/10/2016 12:11 PM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
The installer seems to be the biggest hurdle finding the button to
continue. I had to use one of the navigation modes to achieve this.
After that its pretty simple though everything useful tells you you
need the paid version I notice, but for a straight scan and fix or
producing a log its fine. It did unfortunately remove my password
tools, which I then had to reinstall. It also put an auto start in
which I removed since it was becoming annoying.
Superantispywaare seems to have similar issues. Do they all use the
same kind of installer?
Anyone tried Spybot recently?
I used to have that until it started to fall over a lot.
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I have heard that Malware Bytes is accessible but I can't seem to get
anywhere with it using NVDA. Is there a way to use this program with


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