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If you get the Ninite installer for Malware Bytes it is straight forward. With that being said, It found Malware on a computer that I scanned and I had to get a sighted person to select and quarantine the Malware.

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The installer seems to be the biggest hurdle finding the button to continue. I had to use one of the navigation modes to achieve this. After that its pretty simple though everything useful tells you you need the paid version I notice, but for a straight scan and fix or producing a log its fine. It did unfortunately remove my password tools, which I then had to reinstall. It also put an auto start in which I removed since it was becoming annoying.
Superantispywaare seems to have similar issues. Do they all use the same kind of installer?
Anyone tried Spybot recently?
I used to have that until it started to fall over a lot.
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I have heard that Malware Bytes is accessible but I can't seem to get anywhere with it using NVDA. Is there a way to use this program with NVDA?

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