Re: NVDA and MalWare Bytes

Casey <cwollner@...>

Hi okay I have used Ninite before.
But now hear is how I think you make an installer for the programs you want to install.
And have the installer around for when and if you may need it again.
First you go to Ghent ninite web site.
Then you go threw the list of programs and check the boxes of the ones you want and then tab to the box that says get installer or whatever that says.
Then you save that file not open it and then save it in A place where you know where it is.
So when you need to run it at a later time.
You just go and locate that file and then you just then run that installer.
Now that is how I think that works.
So if you have this installer made and A newer version of A program comes out that you have in your installer.
How does it then give you the newer version and not the version you have in your made installer?
So please correct me on any of this if I am wrong.


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