FW: [nvda-spl] Announcing SPL add-on 16.12.1 stable, 17.1-dev snapshot 4, December 10th try build #testdrivebuilds #addonrelease



For StationPlaylist Studio users who are using my add-on: version 16.12.1 stable is now available. Please see the below release notes for details.

The new version can be found at:





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Subject: [nvda-spl] Announcing SPL add-on 16.12.1 stable, 17.1-dev snapshot 4, December 10th try build #AddonRelease #TestDriveBuilds


Hi everyone,


I’m delighted to announce updates for three support branches: 16.12.1 stable, 17.1-dev snapshot 4, and December 10th try build. As always, these versions are just an update check away.


Important clarification: When I say “17.1-dev”, it doesn’t mean January 2017 - 17.1-dev will hit the air in spring (fall for those on the southern hemisphere). I’ll announce the final name for this version early next year.




All builds:

·         Refinements to user interface of SPL add-on settings dialog.

·         Updated translations.


17.1-dev snapshot:

* Important: this build is designed for NVDA 2016.4 users. You can test this build if you are using 2016.4 RC1, but if you prefer to wait, I suggest holding off for a while until I give the word.

* This build brings GUI refinements that were tested by try build users.


Test drive build:

·         Alarms Center: A new alarms configuration dialog named “Alarms Center” is now available. You can access this dialog from SPL add-on settings under Alarms Center button. Note that only the interface is shown – if you press ENTER on OK button, changes will not be saved. The old-style alarm configuration settings from main add-on settings is still present so I can gather feedback.


Enjoy the new releases.



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