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With mouse coordinate tones turned on, do you have mouse noises when you move your finger around the screen?? Some devices use a touch pad device on the touch screen and have a driver that makes it somewhat function like a touch screen but it isn't but a pointing device, so accessibility layer for touch doesn't necessarily work well.

Try Narrator, hold in its windows key and press volume up. Have narrator closed before you do else only one screen reader can have access to accessibility. This could also explain your trouble with NVDA would you be having narrator running when you start NVDA somehow? If so NVDA can't have access to the accessibility layer.

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On 3/20/2016 11:56 AM, rob wrote:
Hi folks

Today, I received a linx 8, windows tablet. Running windows 8.1, after getting set up with some sighted assistance to install NVDA. and before anyone says it, reading the user guide, I find myself completely lost and baffled as to how one goes about using a touchscreen with nvda.

All of the gestures mentioned in the guide, such as, two finger double tap to open the nvda menu, three finger tap to change touch modes, flicking from left to right, up/down. double tapping, fail to register. I get some information when putting my finger on a random part of the screen, or sliding around, but nothing worth mentioning.

Am I missing something, or is it just very buggy?
also, I'm using nvda 16.1



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