Re: Backing up a Thunderbird profile, very strange problem

Roger Stewart

This is kind of interesting but I get this properties lost notice when I send some files to my external USB hard drive which is formatted as NTFS so there must be something else in the mix. However, when I choose to back up the files with properties lost, there doesn't seem to be any difference between the original and the copied files so I just ignore this and tell it to go ahead and copy and lose the properties and there's never been any problem.


On 12/10/2016 8:04 PM, Jacques wrote:
Hi Guys

The described prompts about stream loss is related to the flash drive formatted as FAT32 rather than NTFS. There will undoubtedly be many arguments for and against formatting a flash drive as NTFS, but I won't go into them here. In some cases, when building a bootable flash drive, it is necessary to format as FAT32. However, if the flash drive is used only for storing files for backup purposes on a Windows based system, re-formatting the flash drive as NTFS will solved the problem Chris described.

A last note, if you are also using the flash drive for porting files between a Windows based machine and a MAC, NTFS is not an option, since MAC cannot read NTFS partitions.

Hope this clears up the confusion.


On 2016/12/10 10:25 PM, Roger Stewart wrote:
I really don't know what that copy files without their properties
thinghy means but I get it here all the time but only if I copy to a USB
drive of any kind like a flash stick or an external USB drive.
Apparently there are some invisible file properties that just must take
too much bandwidth to pass through the USB interface as I can copy the
same files from one internal disk drive to another without getting these
notices. Anyhow, there's usually a checkbox that asks you to do this
for all subsequent files and if you just check this and then tell it to
go ahead and copy without the properties, it should then just copy
everything without you needing to do anything more.

Hope this helps.


On 12/10/2016 1:20 PM, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
This is just totally strange! So... I'm running Windows 10 Home, 64
bit, Thunderbird 45.2.0, and JAWS 18 without the Thunderbird Blind
script from John
Martin. I have them, but don't have them installed, as I don't find
them all that helpful.

Anyway, I have only one profile which contains one e-mail account: my
Gmail, which is of corse set up as IMap, not as Pop3.

Basically, what I'm trying to do is, I'm trying to copy my profile
folder from appdata\roming\thunderbird\profiles over to a flash drive,
so that I have
a backup, in case I ever need it. I get the folder copied with no
problem. Note, I'm not copying the actual profiles folder. I'm copying
the actual profile
folder within the profiles folder with the weird number string. OK,
that works fine, and I get it to my clipboard, no worries. Then, comes
the problem.
I navigate over to my D drive which is my USB flash drive. I then
paste with ctrl+V right there in the root of the USB drive. Things
start copying until
about 89% when I get an interupted action. It asks if I want to copy
the current file as is, without its properties. If I say no, then the
whole paste
process aborts. If I say yes, then it goes into an infinent loop
asking me if I want to do the same thing over and over, and never ever
progresses beyond
that 89%. Yes, I do have admin rights, and yes, I'm logged on as an
administrator, and further, UAC is disabled completely. I know for a
fact that this
isn't an issue of me having a corrupted installation, as I had this
same exact problem with another laptop I used to own, come to think of
it, and I never
could figure out how to get around it. It seems like I finally wound
up using the command line, and copying over the profile with the old
school XCopy
utility, but I don't remember its syntax. Even if I did though, that's
a really! annoying way to have to do this! There's gotta be a reason
this is happening.
I should add that this is not a portable installation of Thunderbird.
I have it actually fully installed to my C drive as a standard

I wondered if maybe even though I'd hit alt+F4 and closed Thunderbird,
if maybe it was still running in the background as a process or
service, and therefore
wasn't letting certain files copy over, as they were locked in use,
but that's not the case, as I see nothing in task manager that would
indicate such.
Further, I've rebooted, and have tried this before ever even running
Thunderbird, and I still get the problem. I've tried with multiple
different flash
drives, and I've also reformatted the drives. I've formatted them both
as FAT32, as well as NTFS, but in both cases, the issue is persisting.

Honestly folks, I'm out of options. I don't know what on earth is left
to try.

Any ideas? Normally, I'm really good with this kind a thing, but this
has got me really baffled.


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